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One of the current items in the “Daily Specials” is the T-Bags Dekker Supreme Dresser Bag for Harley Tour Pak. This item is just one of many items that is discounted. To view this items special, please click here! To view other specials, please view our daily specials page.

One of the current items in the “Daily Specials” is the Battery Tender JR 12V Battery Charger for Motorcycles ATV and RV.  This item is just one of many items that is discounted.  To view this items special, please click here!  To view other specials, please view our daily specials page.

One of the current items in the “Daily Specials: is the T-Bags New Larger 3-Pocket Windshield Bag.  This item is just one of many items that is discounted.  To view this items special, please click here!  To view other specials, please view our daily specials page.



When was the last time you viewed our daily specials page?  Make sure you check at least once a week as we are constantly updating our daily specials.  Some of these specials are so good that we deem them “steal.”  So to go view our daily specials, please visit here!


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This sale starts Sunday June 29th and end Sunday July 6th at midnight

Some exclusions apply on certain brands listed below.  All other brand items will be marked either 5% or 10% off of the posted pricing.

Non-participating Brands:

Colorado Custom Wheel Packages

RC Components Packages

CFR Exhaust


Ballistic Performance

Sinister Dirty Bird




Dakota Digital

& All tires from Dunlop,Metzeler, and Pirelli

** Sale Starts 6-29-2014 and Ends on 7-6-2014

** All Prices Subject to Change and Limited Quantity Available

**Free shipping is to the lower 48 states only

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Delmarva Bike Week

Look for Eastern Performance at Delmarva Bike Week!

This year Eastern Performance will not only be set up at Winter Place Park doing custom wheel installs along with some of the many other awesome parts they carry, but they’ll once again be bringing the VANCE & HINES rig to the site for all of your custom exhaust work.

Find out more here!

Are you looking to increase your torque, boost your horsepower, or just improve your overall exhaust system? Look no further than Eastern Performance Cycles! Summer is right around the corner, and the outdoors and open roads of Maryland are calling your name. You’ll love the improvements Eastern Performance Cycles you can make to your bike!

As the regional leader in performance bikes, Eastern Performance Cycles offers a variety of options to meet your exhaust system needs, including professional, knowledgeable staff that can help you find exactly what you are looking for to make your experience on the road the very best.

Eastern Performance Cycles offers a wide collection of exhaust systems and slip-ons so you can make a worry-free investment best suited for your particular bike. Whether big or small, exhaust system changes can dramatically enhance your bike’s performance, sound, and appearance. For those feeling heavy and want to shed a few pounds, a new or modified exhaust system can reduce your bike’s overall bulk.

As summer heats up, you’ll want an exhaust system that not only fits your bike’s technical and physical specs, but also shields your legs from the heat while increasing your riding comfort.

With a brand new or modified exhaust system from Eastern Performance Cycles, you will not only be set for the summer, you’ll be set for all weather conditions. With the right exhaust system, you will be able to start your bike easily when it’s cold, maneuver easily through traffic, climb mountain road, and have ultimate power when you twist the throttle!

Who doesn’t want that kind of power?

Now that the warmer weather is finally showing its welcoming presence, cruising down the road with the cool wind in our face is at the top of the list for many of us. With the new season always comes inspiration to the riding faithful to add some bling or zing to their bikes, and saving money in the process is always a good thing. That’s where Eastern Performance Cycles shines with their Daily Deals and Steals.

Located just east of the Staples Corner Shopping Center on Defense Highway, in Gambrills, Maryland, Eastern Performance Cycles is always a hub of activity for motorcycle enthusiasts from all around the region. With daily Deals and Steals a prominent feature, Eastern Performance Cycles is a Mecca for bikers looking for the latest and greatest items available.

From vibrant LED lights that light up your scoot, to shimmering chrome accessories and rugged wheels, the selection of deals and steals is a superb myriad of awesomeness. One day you could find classic leather jackets, batteries and Bluetooth headsets; the next day you could find GPS units, saddlebags, brake lines, cams, or air horns. The items are all from quality, name brand manufacturers, and come with the relevant warranties assigned. No quality, features, or benefits are compromised or lost with the sweet Daily Deals and Steals items, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the cool cash you will save!

Of course, Eastern Performance Cycles is also a full-service sales, repair and maintenance center. Their service team is fully trained and certified for quality, get-it-right-the-first-time service for all makes of bikes. Services are guaranteed and, for exceptional convenience, Eastern Performance Cycles even accepts payment through PayPal.

The weather’s right; the time is right; the prices are right; so get your motor running, head on down that highway, and check out the Daily Deals and Steals at Eastern Performance Cycles.

For those interested in chrome sweeper wheels, look no further than Eastern Performance Cycles. Eastern Performance Cycles, which is based out of Gambrills, Maryland, is a motorcycle service center and retailer that produces their very own line of custom wheels. One of the company’s most popular wheels in this line, which is referred to as the EPC Private Label Collection, is the EPC Chrome Sweeper.

EPC Chrome Sweeper 16″ – 23″ Wheel Package with Tires and Rotors

Depending on your wheel height, the Chrome Sweeper is available in sizes ranging from 16 inches and 23 inches. Besides the chrome-finished Sweeper rims, Eastern Performance Cycles is also offering a number of different tire types in this unique deal. More specifically, buyers can choose between Metzeler, Pirelli, Avon, and Michelin tires to go along with the EPC Chrome Sweeper.

Custom Wheels

The EPC Chrome Sweeper is just one design in Eastern Performance’s custom EPC Private Label Collection. Other wheels in this unique line-up include the EPC CVO Chrome Wheels, which were specifically made for Harley Davidson cycles. Another Harley Davidson wheel from EPC Private Label is the Aftermath Black Contrast Cut Wheels.

Like the Chrome Sweeper, the Aftermath Black comes with special tires and customized rotors. Instead of a chrome look, though, the Aftermath has a black wheel rim and dual-colored black and silver spokes.

The shop also carries custom motorcycle wheels from brands like Xtreme Machine, RC Components, Colorado Customs, Rengade, DNA’s Mammoth Series, as well as a wide variety of overstock wheels.

Other Products Available

Eastern Performance Cycles also carries Harley Davidson parts, audio and communication devices, bike brakes, custom bodywork, fenders, foot pegs, handlebars, and lighting. The retailer also stocks a wide range of biking apparel, rain gear, and helmets.

About Eastern Performance Cycles

Eastern Performance Cycles is a motorcycle repair shop that offers authentic Harley Davidson parts at a discounted rate. The shop is an easy commute from either Washington DC or Baltimore, and offers competitive pricing and quick service for all of your installation and repair needs.

Making a Harley-Davidson an extension of the owner’s personality often times starts with the classic H-D sound along with some performance improvements. A new aftermarket exhaust by SuperTrapp can help boost torque and horsepower numbers while also giving most models of Harley-Davidsons a very unique look as well as sound. And the addition of a high-flow air breather and fuel processor can convert an already potent V-twin Harley-Davidson into a burly muscle bike.

The SuperTrapp baffled Phantom Pipes exhaust system offer superb 2-into-1 exhaust performance with a look and sound that stand out among the best of custom motorcycles. Retailing for well over $1,000 the new exhaust pipes have 2-inch primary pipes that merge into one while also expanding to 3.5 inches in diameter in the collector body. That makes the Phantom Pipes from SuperTrapp among the beefiest that can be mounted to a motorcycle and one of the best looking. The pipes create eye-catching, long flowing lines as the curving pipes meld into one unit and improve a bike’s looks and sound.

Eastern Performance Cycles in Gambrills, Maryland, can supply and mount a SuperTrapp Phantom Pipe to most Harley-Davidson motorcycles and virtually all models that are in production. The pipes can be chromed, brushed or blacked out with a protective ceramic finish. Billet end caps help customize them further while the beefy, deep-bellowing sound produced by the 3.5-inch collector. The 2-into-1 exhaust equalizes the back pressure and creates more power going to the rear wheel.

Mounting the Phantom Pipe is easy enough for any competent home mechanic to do in about an hour using standard hand tools and the proper exhaust gaskets to ensure a correct seal at the exhaust mount. When matched with an aftermarket high-performance air intake and a fuel processor to prevent lean-running engines, the Phantom Pipes are some of the best-looking and most unique exhausts that could be mounted to a motorcycle. The pipes were designed by famed custom bike builder Paul Yaffe and have a stylish, flowing design that looks fantastic on any Harley-Davidson built since 2010 and earlier models with some modifications.

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